Finally have the Confidence to
Create Your Own Gorgeous Photos
Using a Proven Four-Step System
Learn the skills YOU need to start your Photography Transformation.
(and how to gain the confidence to make it work every time).
Landscape & Travel Photography
Transformation Masterclass
teaches you how to use our simple four-step system that will transform your photography forever and upgrade from average to awesome - even if you don't understand photography.
Do you...
  • enjoy taking photos?
  • strive to take amazing images you can be proud of?
  • want to print your photos and put them on your wall?
  • want to get more likes on Instagram and social media? 
Did you nod to yourself several times there? Yep?
That means you probably have the makings of a Great Photographer.
It doesn’t matter if you aren't happy with your photos now.
Stop taking mediocre photos...
and start creating stunning fine art photos people will look at and say, "Wow!"
No one is a natural-born photographer.  Even if you think you are not a techical or articistic person, there is an easy way.  Even if you hate learning new software, there is an easy way.
What if there was a simple step-by-step system you could use every time you pick up your camera?  What if you could quickly learn just the need-to-know essentials and skip the complicated techno babble? 
Hi! I’m Tim!
I have helped over 5,000 photographers create their own amazing photos with my courses and presets for Lightroom, and I can help you too! 
When I was a beginner and intermediate photographer I always knew something was missing in my photography. I would be disappointed with my photos because they rarely looked the way the scene looked to my eyes. I needed a system that I could use to capture photos I would be proud of, every time, and that I could use to teach other photographers. After a decade of mistakes and learning I created a photography system that I used to win the International Nature Photographer of the Year award (Master Photographers International), and now I am making these secrets available to help you!
I want to share my passion for beautiful photography with you -- so you can take your own magazine quality photos like I do. That’s why I’ve created The Photography Transformation course.
Creating your own stunning fine-art photos is possible for anyone willing to follow my step-by-step system.  I've never met anyone who said it wasn't worth it!
Students from Photography Transformation love to share their success and excitement!

I've paid for classes before, but this is the most all-encompassing classes on the art of photography I've taken. Thanks, Tim.

- Chase Wotring

You have inspired me so so much, teaches me so much and I have learned so much from Photography Transformation classes.
Thank you, Tim!

- Carita Manninen

I can now say that my photography skill has improved a lot and I am confident when taking pictures. Thank you so much Tim

- Germain CG

Authentic, Honest, Inspiring & TRANSFORMATIONAL!. There is so much content in every minute and every line he teaches. I went from learning photography to BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER.

- Sourabh Malik

It was one of the best courses I have taken. Tim is an excellent teacher and photographer and the content that he covered was exceptional.

- Mark Zane

Photography Transformation course is well worth the money. The course helped me clear up, and solidify knowledge of photogaphy all around.

- David Hart

Students from Photography Transformation love to share their success and excitement!
There's so much about Photography to LOVE.
Do you want know how to...
  • be in the right place at the right time to get an amazing photo? 
  • frame up a perfect and artistic composition every time? 
  • ​use and easy camera setting that will work 95% of the time? (and it's not auto mode) 
  • ​add drama to your images with easy post processing?
  • export your photos for the perfect prints? (to put on your wall at home)
  • boost your Instagram and win photo contests?
Or maybe you would like to be showered with compliments!
Forget the annoying feeling of getting just ten 'likes' when you post a new photo to Instagram.  Forget the frustration of not knowing how to post process your photos with all those endless sliders.  Forget the complicated camera settings.  Forget the frustrating feeling of not knowing what to take your pictures of.
Maybe you want to win photography awards!
Or maybe you would like to know a step-by-step system that helps you know exactly how to frame up a new photo, what specific camera setting to use, and how to add just the right amount of drama in post.  There is nothing better than coming home from a photo outing and knowing you have some winners on your memory card.  And even better, seeing your name on a photography award!
You get the idea. Creating your own beautiful art is awesome.
Ready to learn how to take
The Landscape & Travel Photography Transformation Masterclass
Four-Step System
This is the step-by-step system that will transform your photography forever.
  • 7+ hours of training  
  • ​6  modules
  • ​6 photo assignments 
  • ​Q&A session after each module
  • Award-winning instructor
Module 1: Perfect Planning & Research
  • This is how to be in right place at the right time.  This overview covers online tools and apps to find photo locations, places to stay, route planning and exactly when to be there.  Know the time of sunrise, full moon, dark sky, season changes and weather events.
Module 2: Concrete Compositions
  • Compositions are everything in photography.  If you don't have a great composition then your photo cannot be saved.  Learn how to find amazing compositions using storytelling in your photos.  Have the confidence to know what to take pictures of.  This is the hardest thing in photography to get right, and we teach you a simple system to get this right.
Module 3: Crushing Camera Settings
  • Camera settings don't have to be complicated. Forget about the 100 possible camera settings.  Learn the two main objectives you need to accomplish with your camera settings and let your camera do the heavy lifting for you.  Learn the simple camera setting that will almost always work for you with just one button push.  
Module 4:  Professional Post Processing
  • Post processing can be complicated and intimidating, but when you learn the easy way to create drama in your photos you will see how easy it can be.  Learn how to direct the viewer's eye to the element in your photo that is most beautiful, and how to eliminate areas of your photo that don't add to your image's storytelling.
Module 5: Prints that pop
  • Now that you have created your beautiful photo, you’re ready to learn how to print it so you can hang it on your wall at home.  You'll learn exactly how to print your photos -- and be confident with the perfect export settings that are printer-ready so you can create your own fine art pieces that are gallery-ready.
Module 6: Savvy Social Media, Contests, & Sales
  • This module is GOLD. You'll learn all the different ways you can grow your social media accounts, why and how to enter photo contests so you can start winning awards for your photography, and even tips from the pros on how to make money selling your photos.
To top it off, I’m including Seven premium PHOTOGRAPHY TOOLS and courses!  The Photography world can seem intimidating. We're here to make it easier for you - this set of tools will help.
Photography Transformation Mastermind
  • Your support community!
  • Private closed group
  • ​Submit your assignments here
  • Ask questions, get answers.
Signature Lightroom Presets Collection
  • Edit your photos with one click
  • Ultra fast photo editing.  Save hours!
  • ​Bundle with 15 Collections of 200 presets
  • Sunsets, Cityscapes, cloudy day, sunny day, and more!
  • Special Sets: HDR, Snow & Ice, Stormy Skies
Family, Food & Fun Presets Collection
  • Bundle collection with 6 collections of 150 Lightroom Presets
  • Instagram Look, Sunsets, Soft, Dreamy, Red Vintage, Clarity Light and more! 
Premium Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • ​Use these presets on the free Lightroom app on your phone
  • Bundle with 5 collections of 20 Mobile Presets
  • Premium quality presets
Landscape PROFILES
  • Different from presets.  New to Adobe in 2018. 
  • Ability to apply a small percentage of the profile effect
  • Bundle Collection with 14 Sets of 180 profiles
  • Bonus: Portraits and weddings, and the Instagram look
Photography Jumpstart
  • Learn the step by step system I use to create stunning photos
  • 20 easy to understand video lessons + 5 Bonus content lessons
  • Finally master the skills needed to take great photos
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate photographers
Lightroom Jumpstart
  • Learn the SECRET step by step system I use on ALL my photos
  • Learn the MAGIC secret weapon of the Lightroom brush
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate photographers
  • Create stunning HDR photos and learn how to assemble a Panorama
If that doesn’t knock your socks off,
I’ve got Two Super Bonuses for you:
Six classes that are bite-sized so you can watch each one in one sitting.  Each class is between 20 - 40 minutes long, and they show you the step-by-step process used to capture the photo on the box cover starting in the field with composition and camera settings, and finally moving into the studio so you can learn how the post processing was done.
Three classes where I just teach you the essential need-to-know nuggets, and skip the long-winded techno babble.  This is just the essentials so you can learn how to use Photoshop, how to use presets, and how to create an HDR panorama image.  I make it all easy for you!
Here is what you are going to get!
$ 397
One-time payment
Watch classes from any device
Lifetime access
Most courses are so complicated you won't finish them, but we take you step by step and show you a simple system you can use every time. These courses were designed so you will actually finish them.
You can’t find this level of training anywhere else… and you certainly won’t find it at such a low cost!
Don’t just take my word for it! 
See what some of my graduates have said...
Finished Tim's Masterclass photography course. I like his easy teaching style and the information provided from planning to executing a photo trip was simply the best!

- Satish Dasari
I just finished the Landscape & Travel Photography Transformation Masterclass and loved every minute, I can already tell that my editing has been improved and this is the best class I have taken so far, thanks Tim. 

- Melanie Cullen
I just finished the Landscape & Travel Photography Transformation. Tim brings his passion and knowledge to the classes. He breaks each lesson down creating content that is easy to understand. He will motivate and inspire you to go transform your photo artwork and skills.

- Craig Kauzmann
The clarity the message the shot projects and the obvious dedication of tim as a photographic artist. 

- A Richard Strahin
Great to see other like minded people's work that's how you get ideas and inspiration

- Gavin Forrest
There was a natural progression, no jumping back and foth between topics, lessons were taught in a language even new photographers could understand. Tim engaged me for the entire course I feel more confiden now and have found a renewed passion. Thank you, Tim,

- Martha Hughes
Before we dive in and get started, I want to be really upfront and honest with you.
With this course, I give you my system and ALL the tools you need to be successful...
But it’s up to YOU to decide what YOU do with those tools. It’s like if a chef provided you quality ingredients, their top-of-the-line kitchen, and instructions on how to make a five-star meal -- you have everything at your disposal. But it’s in YOUR hands to decide if you will make the effort to create the end result. The meal isn’t going to make itself!
I mean it...
If you’re just looking for something to rush through and then refuse to put into practice what I have taught you, turn around now! This course isn’t for you.
It’s Up To YOU
If you want to take your own amazing pictures, this is the way to do it.
If you want to create your own fine-art photos and finally know an easy step-by-step system to taking gorgeous pictures...
This is The Way.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does the course take 
to complete?
The perfect timing is to watch one module per week for six weeks.  This will give you the time you need to complete the assignments.  The course is entirely self-paced, and you have lifetime access. You can take as little or as long as you want to complete the course.  
How long do I have access to the course material?
The course fee includes LIFETIME ACCESS to the course material and the mastermind group. This includes any course updates or added content.  
How easy to learn is Photography Transformation?
This program is designed to hold your attention, and it doesn't contain needless techno babble.  This is not the super nerdy information.  I am teaching you a simple to use step by step system that anyone can learn.
Is this a good fit
for me?
If you love nature, lanscapes, travel and adventure, hiking, taking pictures and wanting to capture special moments, then Yes!
Will this course make me a better photographer?
Yes. If you watch all the lessons and complete the course assignments then your photography is guaranteed to dramatically improve.  Your photography will move from average to awesome.  And if it is already good, then it will go to great!
How do I know if this course will work for me?
We have designed the course to ensure that you have all the content you need to become a successful adn creative photographer. It’s up to YOU to complete the course and implement everything you’ve learned. 
I don’t have formal training in photography. Can I still create beautiful fine art photos?
Yes!  Once you know the four step Photography Transformation system you will be able to transform you photography from boring to Stunning. 
Does this course help me find interesting things of places to photograph?
Step one of this four step system is all about how to find interesting places to photograph and more importantly knowing when to be there to capture beautiful light.  You will learn how to be in the right place at the right time.
How is the course content
All courses consist of online videos lessons.  You will receive a login and password so you can watch all the course content in one place with lifetime access.  If you wish to download the course modules and save them on your computer, you can.  You can watch the course content from your phone, your tablet or your computer.
What kind of equipment and materials do I need?
You can watch the course content from any device including desktop, tablet, and phone.   You do not need an expensive camera.  Most of the content applies to photos taken with either a camera or phone.  You will be able to use the course content for phone photography as well as camera photography.
Is there a live component to the course?
Yes! The course includes access to a private Mastermind group where you can ask questions, seek help from other photographers and me!
Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, I have 60 day guarantee.  We only sell products that we believe in, and we want every product we create to help photographers take better photos they are proud of and that they will want to print and hang on the wall at home.
Ready to start your Photography Transformation?
$ 397
One-time payment
Watch classes from any device
Lifetime access
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