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Introducing "The Photo Cookbook"
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Are you frustrated with not knowing WHAT exactly to take pictures of?    And do you want your photos to be sharp and in-focus from the front to the back?  

Here are the step-by-step recipes you can use to get amazing compositions that are tack sharp from the front to the back.

Award-winning Chefs use recipes to create amazing dishes, and if you follow their recipes, you can create the exact same award-winning dishes. 

This Photo Cookbook contains 30 recipes written by an award-winning photographer that you can use to take your own amazing photos with your phone or with your camera.

And the best part? Every recipe comes with a how-to video!
Just open the regular camera app on your phone and point it at the code on the page and the video will start. You don’t need any new software or apps.   How easy is that? 

Want to photograph a glorious sunset? There's a recipe for that.
Want to create amazing compositions? There are 8 recipes for that.  Want to take a stunning portrait shot with a blurred out background? There's a recipe for that, too. 

All 30 recipes are short, to the point, and stand-alone. Kind of like episodes of Seinfeld...you can just jump in and you’ll know what’s going on. 
Bonus #1:  My Secret Post Processing Weapon
In this class I show you my secret post processing weapon that I have used for every one of my photos that have won photography awards.

This one simple trick is the single thing I do EVERY TIME with my best photos.  In fact, if you took away all my other post processing techniques and I could keep just one, this would be it.

This is literally my secret sauce that I have used to win photo awards, and for the first time, I am giving it to you.  And the best part is that this secret works inside all brands of post processing software.
Bonus #2:  Sharp Photos Using Depth of Field
Is the lack of sharpness in your photos frustrating?  Here is how you can take tack-sharp photos that are in focus from the front to the back.  

This is where I break down depth of field in the most simple way so you your photos will be sharp, which means your pictures will look like they were taken by a professional photographer.  

This is how you take photos that will get you more attention on social media!  You've wondered what the trick is?  This is it.
Bonus #3:  How to Find Foregrounds
foregrounds in photography
You know that compositions are essential for every good photo, but did you know that the foundation of every great composition is the foreground?  

Foregrounds are the key to amazing photos, and in this class I show you how to find them. This is how you use foregrounds so your photos will look AMAZING, which means your pictures will be worthy of printing and hanging on the wall.
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How is the Photo Cookbook delivered to me?

You get instant access to a digital eBook copy of the Photo Cookbook and the three bonus classes.  The first big batch of the Photo Cookbook will roll off the printing press in Illinois, USA on Dec. 12th and they will ship out on the same day.  We ship with USPS.

Will I get a tracking number?

Yes!  We ship with USPS and you will receive a tracking number by email when your book ships.

Do I have to wait for the mailman to get my Photo Cookbook?

No!  You will get instant access to the digital eBook version of the Photo Cookbook as well as all 30 of the videos, plus the three bonus video classes.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  We ship everywhere, no matter what country you live in.

I already own some of your courses.  Will the Photo Cookbook be added to my library?

Yes.  Just use your existing login email and your new Photo Cookbook will be added to your library.

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See what photographers are saying about the Photo Cookbook...
I was priviledged to view this photo cookbook before release and I must say it is a wow from me and its brilliantly set out. It is very easy to follow and understand! Tim this photo cookbook is just a super idea and will help everyone along their photography journey. It is a book everyone should have and I highly reccommend it along with all the other courses Tim has released so you can learn and improve your photography.

- Wendy Klein
OMG- I followed these easy recipes and IT WORKED!! I created my first award winning photo that won a competition and a spot in an exibition. I really like that I can take Tim's Photo Cook Book with me on my phone too- exactly what I needed. The short videos are like having an Award Winning Master Photographer with me in the field to show and tell me all his secrets. These 30 recipes give me CONFIDENCE while I shoot and makes it more fun.

- Terri Martin
Now with The Photo Cookbook you get bite sized reading with a code to watch a quick video to visually learn a little more. I truly enjoy Tim's style of presenting and teaching. This book will inspire you to go out and take photos that will make you say "Wow, I took that!"

- Craig Kauzmann
The Photo Cookbook demystifies the principles of photography and explains them in 30 concise, easy to understand and reference chapters.   I’ve downloaded The Photo Cookbook to my phone to keep handy as a personal reference guide, and I encourage you to do the same. And while you’re at it, get a copy for a friend, family member or loved one and share the gift of becoming a better photographer!

- Kit Rudd
How clever! A photography course as easy as a recipe! I had the chance to preview Tim's E-book and I must say, it's easy to read and to follow the step by step instructions; how fantastic to be able to watch a video for a better understanding of each photography cooking lesson!   Tim Shields knows what novice and experienced photographers are struggling with and he's got the perfect way to help us with "The Photo Cookbook". Bringing photography courses to a brand new level.

- Germain CG
I got to take an advanced look at his new book. This is another home run from Tim Shields . I think the added videos are what really makes this book. I have said it many times before but I will say it agian, Tim is just as skilled at teaching as he is at photography!

- David Woodring
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