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Compatible with the FREE version of the Lightroom mobile app.

Also compatible with all versions of Lightroom on desktop.
Mobile Bundle 
  • Blue Lagoon collection
  • Vivid Landscapes collection
  • Instagram Look collection
  •  Bright & Airy collection
  •  L.A. Gold collection
Each collection comes with four presets.  There are 20 presets in total.  Instant download!
Blue Lagoon Mobile Preset Set $27
Vivid Landscapes $27
Instagram Look $27
Bright & Airy $27
L.A Gold $27
Read how my presets are helping other photographers
Just downloaded. Very impressed.
Great value.

Paul Robert Johnson Jr.
South Carolina, USA
I'm just going to say, I purchased and just applied your presets to some of my past photos and they are amazing.

Lori Burrows, 
Just love your presets! They are so amazing and are really speeding up
the developing process.

Åse Solvi,
Frequently Asked Questions:

What versions of Lightroom are compatible with these presets? 
This preset collection is compatible with:
1.  The free version of the Lightroom Mobile app on Apple IOS and Android mobile devices,
2.  New versions of Lightroom on desktop including Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC, and
3.  Older versions of Lightroom on desktop including Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 6.

How many presets are included in this bundle?
These are premium presets.  Each collection comes with four presets.  There are 20 presets in total.

Do the presets work with Photoshop? 
These presets are  fully compatible with Photoshop CC 2018 and 2019.  They will not work with older versions of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Do these presets work in Lightroom Mobile? 
Yes, we made these presets with mobile in mind.

Will these presets work with the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription?
Yes!  These presets work very well between your mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom if you are a paid Adobe subscriber.  

What are the preset  file formats?
You will get three different preset file formats so you can use your presets with any version of Lightroom.  Here are the three file types you will get:
1.  DNG presets for the free version of the Lightroom mobile app.
2.  XMP presets for paid subscribers to the Adobe Creative Cloud.  These presets will sync from Lightroom desktop to Lightroom mobile.
3.  LRtemplate presets for older versions of Lightroom desktop including Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 6.

Will these presets sync to Lightroom on my mobile device?
Yes, if you are subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud you would install the XMP presets into Lightroom CC on desktop and the presets will sync with Lightroom on your mobile devices.

Do I need an Adobe Creative Cloud membership to use these presets? 
No.  These presets will work with the free Lightroom mobile and and any version of Lightroom that is installed on a computer.  They are fully Mac and Windows compatible.

Do I need Lightroom to use these presets? 
Yes, you need the free Lightroom app or any version of Lightroom,  old or new, installed on a computer.
Fully compatible with the free version of the Lightroom mobile app, Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic CC,  Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile and older versions of Lightroom such as Lightroom  5 and 6.  
From Around the World
This preset collection is built from Tim's actual photos from Europe, Asia and North America.
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If you are not satisfied, Tim will give your money back within 30 days.  Guaranteed.
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Purchase includes an easy to follow, step by step installation video for  Apple IOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
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