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Here Are The Secrets To Creating Your Own Beautiful Photos In Lightroom - The Easy Way!
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Because you have a gift of creating your own art.
I have traveled the world taking award-winning landscape photos.  These are the secrets you can use to create your own stunning photos using Lightroom (the best photo editing platform on the planet), and  your friends and family will love them.
Master Photographer in Fine Art
I Have A Question For You...
Do you want to create photos that your friends and family look at and say “Wow, did you take that?” Do you want to create photos that are so sharp and vivid you will want to print them and put them on the wall at home? Do you fully understand how to process these kinds of stunning photos using Lightroom? 
Lightroom course
This is an HDR photo.  I will show you how you can create your own photos just like this.
Do You Ever Feel Like Your Photography Has Hit A Wall?
This is how I used to feel.  I would sit at the computer feeling lost and uninspired with no sense of direction for how I was going to edit a photo that was special to me.  I knew that photo retouching was the key to transforming a good image into a spectacular image, but I did not have a step by step system to edit my photos.  I felt frustrated with my lack of success which made me want to give up. 

That was ten years ago.  Since then I learned the secrets to creating beautiful magazine quality photos through my step-by-step system using Lightroom, and I want to give these secrets to you so you can edit your photos faster and easier than ever before.

This is a panorama.  I will show you how to create your own images just like this.
The Secrets To How I create My Own Photos Are All Here Inside
The lightroom Jumpstart class
The Benefits You Will Get...
I explain the step by step system I use to retouch my own photos so you can replicate my system for your own photos.

I explain the easy process of importing photos into Lightroom, editing them, and exporting again to social media.

It is a self paced class that you can take on your own schedule

It contains bite sized video modules so you can start and stop at any time, and you can return to a module later to clarify something

I teach in easy to understand language so you can quickly learn the essentials needed to edit your own amazing photos even if you feel you don’t have any previous technical knowledge about cameras or photography.
Don't Just Take my Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
Excellent! Learned so much again!!!
Christa McDonald
 Washington, USA
"I have nearly completed Tim's lightroom course and it is fantastic!
Just packed with tips and information. Tim is great at explaining his process, what and how he achieves such great photos. "
Janet Wilson
Good lesson!
This is all new info to me. Very good! "
Jim Rabestine
 Florida, USA
Answer This Question...
Would you like to get access to my Lightroom Jumpstart Class for less than the cost of a dinner for two? Now, I don’t have time to show you ALL the benefits of my Lightroom Jumpstart Class, but I want to show you some of the things you will experience once you are on the inside.
Here is what you get!
 Jumpstart Your Retouching!
  • See the SECRET step by step system I use on ALL my photos
  • Learn the MAGIC secret weapon of the Lightroom brush
  • Steal my PERFECT export settings for Instagram and FB
  • Create a stunning HDR photo AND assemble a panorama
  • Push your photos to Photoshop and back to Lightroom EASILY
  • IGNITE your creativity and save time with presets
  • Free Bonus #1 - Create your own personal presets to save you SO MUCH time retouching your photos
  • Free Bonus #2 - Push your favorite presets to your phone so you can retouch phone photos quick and easy
The price for all this is $197
If all this class did was help you finally create stunning photos that you are proud of and your friends and family will love, would it be worth it?  If all this class did was to help you finally understand the confusing and frustrating settings on your camera, would it be worth it?  At $49, this is a steal.
This one time only offer is just $49
My No Questions Asked Guarantee
I’m going to take on all the risk, and give you my TimsPhotos guarantee. If my Lightroom Jumpstart class does not help you create amazing photos then I will give you your money back within 30 days. Guaranteed.

But you need to act now because I am not offering this class for this amazing price anywhere else.  One you leave this page, this offer is gone for good.

Do you want to be able to edit photos like this?
Your Outcomes
Just imagine what it will be like to be able to retouch photos that you will want to print and put on your wall.
Print your own photo and put it on your wall at home!
Start Right Now!  As In...Really Right Now.
So click on the button below right now and  you will receive an immediate an email with a link to a secure member’s only area where you can start your Lightroom Jumpstart class right away. Even if it is 2:00 AM 

Don’t forget, this is a one time only price that is not offered anywhere else. You need to act now.
This photo was retouched using the techniques I teach in the class
The Takeaway
Remember, you get all my easily consumable video lessons that will help you take jaw dropping photos plus the three bonus modules to help you find awesome landscapes, grow your Instagram and will teach you the secrets to finding stunning compositions every time. So click the button below and lets get started right now!   I will see you in my photography jumpstart class and I look forward to having your as part of my photography community.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.  You can keep on procrastinating or you can take action and learn these skills right now!
Questions?  Email support@timsphotos.com
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